Welcome to Aizkraukle! The place where light is born in the Daugava


Aizkraukle county municipality established in December, 2001
Population: 9283  (data to 01.01.2014)
Area: 102.5 square km
Address: 1a Lacplesa street, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles region, LV 5101, Latvia.
Telephone: (+371) 651 33930
Fax: (+371) 651 33934
E-mail: dome@aizkraukle.lv, info@aizkraukle.lv 
Information: www.aizkraukle.lv
Distance to capital city Riga 90 km

The name of Aizkraukle [EYES-krhowk-le] developed between the 8th to 11th centuries, when at the mouth of the tiny river Akskere, by the Daugava, was situated settlement of ancient Scandinavians: and their anchorage probably was located exactly beside the Latvian (Latgalians, Selian) settlement. Monk Indrikis has recorded the name of Aizkraukle in his chronicles (1204), describing Aizkraukle castle and the bloody battles by the foot of this castle.

Aizkraukle town began in the sixties of 20th century as the village of Stučka, which housed the builders of the nearby hydroelectric power plant of Pļaviņas. It became a town in 1967. In 1991 it was renamed Aizkraukle, which is a historic local name.

Aizkraukle county was established in the end of the year 2001 on the basis of regional and administrative reform by merging Aizkraukle town and Aizkraukle rural municipality. The county lies in the Vidusdaugava lowland, on the high right bank of an ancient valley of the Daugava River. A minor area of the county is situated on the left riverside.